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Finanzantrag "German-Czech Cooperation"

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Markus Barenhoff
Due date:
04 September 2013
Petr Kopac
21 August 2013
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Dear Swanhild!

I got your e-mail address from Florian, the chairman of the Young
Pirates Germany, who I know, because we were attending the Young
Pirates of Europe.

In the Czech Republic we've just recently got the news that there
will be national elections in 2 months. We want to reach the best
results possible for the Pirates.

That's why we are already sending volunteers to Nurnberg and
Dresden to help local Pirates in your effort. We believe
crossborder cooperation is mutually beneficial - better results for
you = better results for us and vice versa.

I would like to ask you, whether you could manage a loan from the
PP-DE to PP-CZ as high as 10 000 EUR this September for our
campaign. Immediately after the elections (mid October) we will get
state funding

  • at least 500 000 EUR, so just to be clear, it won't harm your financing for EU elections in April 2014 at all.

We already have a budget from donations, will also start extra
fundraising campaign and consider maybe a loan from a bank etc. to
enhance our campaign, but I believe that Pirates want to pull on the
same rope.

Thank you for your help!

Sending best regards from the Young Pirates!

(Mikulas Ferjencik, board member responsible for the campaign
budget in copy.)


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Updated by Markus Barenhoff over 7 years ago

Die aktuellen Nachforschungen haben ergeben, dass es auch in CZ eine Hürde (3%) für die staatliche Parteienfinanzierung gibt.
Dies wieder spricht natürlich der Aussage, dass sie "auf jeden Fall" Finanzierung gibt. Ich habe gerade eine Mail, unter dem Hinweis, dass wir das Thema am Mittwoch in der Sitzung behandeln wollen, geschrieben und um Erläuterung durch die Tschechen gebeten.


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